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Welcome to West End Photography. Thank you for visiting our website, we hope you enjoy your time with us.

West End Photography is a dedicated event photography company. We specialise in equine endurance , fun  and social rides. The company was formed in the early 1990's.   Chris and Caroline Cole have owned and operated the company since the year 2000.

Our speciality is high quality photography at endurance events around the UK.  and we cover many of the bigger events available. If you would like us to cover your ride, please contact us.

We are available on request and when the event fits our criteria, to take photographs and produce high quality prints onsite. We use the finest Nikon digital camera equipment and and our unparalleled skill to capture and edit some of the finest endurance photographs in the UK today. Our onsite ‘Display and Print’ facility uses high quality instant print equipment to produce spectacular instant prints that will last a lifetime.

                                            WEBSITE UPDATE

                                                                                      We now upload all of our ride photos to the gallery section of this website.

                                                                              Please view and purchase your favourites here .....    If you would like to receive your photo’s through the post,                                                                                                  as we have done in the past please email us here with your name, address and ride details .


e-VentPhotos @ West End Photography offer

                                                                                              Professional sports, social event and corporate function photography services throughout the Yorkshire area. Our                                                                       qualified photographers provide high quality digital imaging and on site printing services and we specialise in                                                                       photographing equestrian shows.

                                                                     We are available to be onsite to cover anything from a few hours to national, multi day events. All of our work is fulfilled                                                                       and quality checked in full by ourselves, in our own laboratory, through our dedicated website, or through our acclaimed ‘                                                                     Display and Print’ onsite service.

                                                                     We are one of North Yorkshire's most prestigious outdoor event photography services. However, our service not only                                                                       covers the north. We offer nationwide coverage for many types of event and we are currently one of only  a few major                                                                       photographic companies in the UK specialising in equine endurance and social /fun ride  photography.

                                                                     E-VentPhotos @ West End Photography also cover social events and corporate functions in Yorkshire and the UK and                                                                       our photographers are skilled at capturing the excitement and atmosphere of your special event or occasion. Our                                                                       experience, expertise and efficient approach have ensured that we have become an established and trusted name with                                                                       a reputation for courteous, professional and above all, friendly service.

                                                                      We are an established company providing skilled photographers who offer a professional, flexible and bespoke service                                                                       to customers throughout the Yorkshire area. Contact West End Photography today  for more details about our sports,                                                                       event and social corporate function photography, high quality digital imaging, on site printing and equestrian show                                                                       photography services.

                                                                      Chris has worked for over 30 years in the photographic industry. He has worked as a photographer, technician,                                                                       engineer and consultant and has been employed by independent  companies as well as the major international                                                                       corporation Konica-Minolta Photo Imaging PLC.   He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Photographic & Electronic                                                                       Imaging (2:1)

                                                                     Caroline  has also worked in the photographic industry for over 20 years. She also grew up around horses and her                                                                       family bred  and sold horses in Ireland and Norfolk.  She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biological imaging                                                                       (2:1) and a Higher National Diploma in Countryside management.

                                                                     Isabel is the daughter of the family and  handles our customer experience, shop and printing facilities at our onsite                                                                       events. She is studying for a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology                                                                                

 West End Photography carries full public liability insurance.